Sales and logistics

In which markets do we sell our fish?

The greatest competitive advantage over the competition besides the quality of fish is quick delivery to target markets within 12-48h from the harvest. Besides Croatia, more than 75% of our products is placed abroad. We are currently present in the markets of Croatia, Italia, Slovenia, Germany, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Hungary and Ukraine. Goods are sold and delivered in line with General Terms available at the following link.
General Terms

How often are fish harvested in our farms?

Harvesting is carried out at least six times a week and at the end of harvesting the fish is delivered to the processing and logistics center. After sorting it is packed and either sent fresh to the market or processed into fresh fillets, packed fish, smoked or marinated fish. Within 5-6 hours after harvesting fresh fish is ready to be shipped to the Croatian and European market.


Our competitive advantage

  • daily catch of fish and the output from the warehouse on the harvest day or, latest, the day after
  • fast delivery to target markets (12-48h from the harvest)
  • fish ordering two days before delivery
  • established traceability system allowing us to view information on each product from the hatchery to customer delivery.

Certificates testifying quality and traceability

The company is certified with ISO standards 9001, 14001, 22000 and FSSC for quality, environmental management and food safety. We also obtained IFS Food certificate, GlobalG.A.P., Friend of the Sea, BRC and Kosher. Our organic fish farming is certificated with following certificates: EU Organic, Naturland, Bio Siegel, AB and Croatian organic product.


Cromaris Italia

Cromaris Italia srl​ is the exclusive importer of our products in the Italian market. The company is located in Casale sul Sile near Treviso, and is 100% owned by Cromaris d.d.. The Italian company ensures better market presence and communication with customers of our products.