Cooking school Process of degutting, preserving filleting and deskinning of fish


Cooking schoolProcess of degutting, preserving filleting and deskinning of fish

Fish gutting

Gutting begins with careful descaling from the tail to the head; then cutting it with a knife from a small hole in the stomach along the entire body length to the head, remove the gills and use them to remove the gut. Carefully cut out the swamp of blood along the central bone.

Store fresh fish in a refrigerator

After buying the fish it is best to do gutting immediately, wrap it up in a soaked cloth or towel, and put in the refrigerator, turn on the back (not on side or stomach, and by no means in an airtight container).


Fish filleting

Fish is filleted by cutting from the head lengthwise to the tail, realising the tail from the tail bone, raise it, up and return with the knife carefully along the back bone to the head. The bones are removed by tweezers and a knife.


Removal of the fish skin

To take off the skin first lay the filet down on the board. Lean the skin onto a board and use a flexible sharp knife to lightly cut the end of the "tail", holding the skin in the hand and cutting the between the skin and the fillet.