Cooking school Process of cleaning and preserving oysters


Cooking schoolProcess of cleaning and preserving oysters

Carefully wash with oysters cold water, fold it in a suitable container before storing in the refrigerator. Oyster should be folded onto a deeper part of the shell. Bear in mind that, oyster are still alive and open from time to time to breathe in air. If they are not arranged as described they discharge the sea from themselves which leads to faster expiration. Store them in the refrigerator covered with a damp cloth or towel, not in an airtight container. If you notice an open oyster which won't close when pressed, that means it is not alive and thus is not for consumation. Be sure to remove such shellfish. While keeping them in the fridge it is necessary to examine them, remove discharged sea from the bottom of the bowl (you may notice unpleasant odour), clean the bowl, rearrange them again, cover again damp cloth or towel.


Oysters kept in this way can live up to seven days.