Beautiful northern and central Adriatic locations are an ideal environment for high quality and natural farming in the open sea and from those places our fish is daily shipped throughout Croatia and Europe.

From the sea to you

We strive to deliver fish of impeccable freshness and highest quality to our customers. Therefore, we ensure controlled traceability of the primary raw materials to the finished product which includes own hatcheries, farms, processing, logistics and retail outlets.
The concept of "From the Sea to you" consists of the following components:


A key factor in the process of growing and achieving superior quality is the quality of fry. Fish spawning takes 4-5 months on average, after which the fish is moved to one of our carefully selected farms. More..


Besides owning an ideal location for fish growing, our farms are also among the most modern ones in the Mediterranean - they are equipped with premium automatic feeding systems, underwater cameras in cages, cleaning robots networks, as well as the largest aquaculture boat in the Adriatic Sea (a product of Croatian shipbuilding industry). This allows daily catch and fast shipping from farms to the sorting centre. More..


Fish processing

After harvesting, the fish is transported to sorting in the processing-logistics center. Depending on current orders, the fish is then packed in polystyrene boxes and either sent fresh to the market or processed into fresh fillets, packed fish, smoked and marinated fish. The fresh fish is ready for shipment around Croatia and Europe within 5-6 hours from harvesting. More..


Sales and logistics

Our distribution strenght in the region is the delivery of 'extra' fresh fish from the Adriatic Sea within 12 to 48 hours from the harvest. More than half of our production is placed abroad. We are currently present in the markets of Croatia, Italia, Slovenia, Germany, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Hungary. More..


Cromaris Fishmongers

In addition to most major retail chains in Croatia, our fish is available in Cromaris fishmongers where you will be served by our experienced sellers and you can choose among a large selection of fresh fish, delis and shellfish from the Adriatic Sea. More..