The superior quality of our products is our imperative goal. That is confirmed by numerous certificates and also through daily systematic checks and strict control of processes and products.

Freshness and quality

We are dedicated to superior quality of our products because we want to provide best products to our consumers. Our business is based on trust and mutual respect among employees, consumers, customers and other stakeholders.
We apply good manufacturing and hygiene practices. Continuous planning, implementation, verification and evaluation of the effectiveness of the conducted actions, enable us to improve the efficiency of the system according to the principles of sustainable development. Click on the following link to read the full Cromaris' quality policy.
Quality policy



Product data are transmitted through all stages of production, processing and distribution (from fry and farming cages to the point of sale). Traceability is established in the following manner:

  1. Traceability to suppliers (traceability of suppliers of raw materials, auxiliary materials, packaging and food additives);
  2. Internal traceability (traceability of raw materials, intermediate products, packaging and auxiliary materials within EFB (an entity in food business));
  3. Traceability to customers / buyer (food traceability to the customer / user).
Implemented traceability system through LOT number on the finished products allows us to trace the whole process of fish growing process, from spawning, cage location, food the fish consumed, temperature regime from harvesting to delivery, etc.


Process control

  • The whole technological process of fish spawning to the finished product is carried out under strictly controlled conditions
  • Sorting process hygiene, processing as well as the packaging are monitored through regular microbiological controls
  • Upon harvesting the fish underwent the temperature regimes of 0-2°C, in which it remains until reaching the end consumer
  • Working conditions of employees, their safety and satisfaction are also controlled
  • The satisfaction of consumers is followed as well

Products control

  • Microbiological control maintains the continuous monitoring of product hygiene throughout the year
  • Regular chemical analysis of the product continuously monitors nutritional value of the fish, while the discrepancies in those values can be attributed to seasonal character, consequences of different food types and nutrition at different seasons throughtout the year


Environmental control

  • According to environmental impact studies, authorized institutions regularly monitor parameters of the seawater column, seabed sediment and the state of benthic biological communities
  • At shellfish farms phytoplankton composition at reference stations is additionally monitored due to possible occurrence of biotoxins
  • Previous results of environmental monitoring indicate that the breeding processes has been carried out as scheduled and within prescribed values in the framework of sustainable development
  • With the use of modern farming technology, we minimize a negative impact on the environment
  • In terms of pollution prevention we apply modern wastewater treatment technologies
  • By raising environmental awareness among customers, suppliers and most importantly with ourselves, we implement a sustainable development policy and environmental responsibility


Control of incoming raw materials

  • Nutrition is one of the key factors that affect the quality of the fish, so the quality and quantity of food is under continuous supervision
  • Regular chemical and nutritional analysis of food composition is monitored
  • Simultenous test feeding enable selection of best quality food for fish and we choose the optimal way of feeding


A detailed list of controls, see HERE