Cooking school Fish baked in sea salt with seasoning herbs

Preparation:  50 min

Cooking schoolFish baked in sea salt with seasoning herbs

Salt cream

Whip egg whites with rosemary leaves until form (add other herbs to taste - thyme, basil, coriander, dill or fennel). Add coarse sea salt, and stir to make a creamy mixture.


Put coarse salt in a suitable baking tray, lay cleaned sea bass on top of it, cover it with salt cream and bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees. Salt acts as a furnace cooking and baking the fish at the same time, while preserving all the juices. The fish is ready in 20-30 minutes, depending on size. Break the salt, release the fish, clean up and serve.


Fish prepared in this way is extremely delicious, juicy, soft, salty enough and does not require additional seasoning.