Cromaris Dentex

Cromaris dentex (lat. Dentex dentex) belongs to Sparidae family (Sparidae). With sea bream and sea bass it is the most desired Adriatic fish. It grows up to 1 meter in length and achieves weight up to 16 kg. It is solidly build, and owes its name to large fangs. Due to its very tasty meat, the dentex is called "Fish Emperor". Cromaris dentex is farmed in Adriatic Sea.
In the Adriatic Sea, Dentex can be found on the territory of islands around Šibenik and Zadar, populated habitats are also located near Pula and Rovinj and around the islands of Vis, Lastovo, Mljet and Palagruža. Apart from the Adriatic it is widespread in the whole Mediterranean and Eastern Atlantic.

Shelf life: 10 days
Energy value: 190 kcal per 100g

Available sizes:
300-600 g
600-800 g
+800 g

Box options (with cover): 3kg, 6kg
Pallet dimension: 120 cm x 100 cm
Number of rows on pallet: 11
Total number of boxes (6kg) on a pallet: 88
Storage conditions: on ice, 0˚- +2˚C